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The Prince of Peace School Advisory Council, operating under the authority of the Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools Office, engages in matters pertaining to the mission of Catholic school education at Prince of Peace. 

The council is, by its nature, consultative to the Pastor (Fr. Michael) and the Principal (Mrs. Meghan Jones). The function of the council is for the exercise of shared responsibility for fulfillment of the mission as a center for excellence in Catholic school education, and to provide leadership assistance and support for the School within the context of the mission at Prince of Peace.

The School Advisory Council is not a “Board of Directors” or a “Board of Trustees.” The council provides advice and input, often drawn from the members’ professional backgrounds. The administration and faculty are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school. The School Advisory Council provides support, guidance, and advice, not oversight. 

The council consists of volunteer members who serve on committees, which are comprised of both council members, school faculty and staff, and other parents of school children.  The committees are: Advancement, Finance, Mission Advancement/Catholic Identity, Public Relations, Safety & Facilities, Strategic Planning, and Technology.

Council members act as representatives of the school community and as voices for the topics of the various committees. They consult to the Pastor, President, and Principal on a variety of subject matters within these committees and other topics related to the mission of the school. The School Advisory Council meets once per month throughout the school year in addition to committee meetings and other specific work to prepare for council and committee meetings. Council members serve 3-year terms. The year runs from June to May.

If you have any questions or feedback for the council related to these areas or the mission of the school, our School Advisory Council members would love to hear from you!


School Advisory Council Members