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Prince of Peace compliments contribution-based student Outreach projects with service learning initiatives designed to teach students how reaching out to “the least of their brothers and sisters” is an important part of Catholic teaching on social justice. We strive to include educators and parents in these projects to model for the students the importance of lifelong spiritual growth. 


Christian Service is a response to the Gospel call to bring forth the Kingdom of God and to minister to the vulnerable, needy and less fortunate.  Our vision through Christian Service is to foster the servant lives of our students by serving those in need in our surrounding communities.  Through faithful partnerships with non-profit agencies, hospitals, senior living facilities and other parishes, our students will strive to become servant leaders and influence the world for Christ.

Family Service Opportunities

Serving as a family can be so meaningful and have huge impacts on the vulnerable and marginalized in our community.  If your family would like to volunteer, please see the POP Family Service Opportunities document.  These service opportunities are available for you to access at any time and are a wonderful way to make a difference in our community!

Virtual Service Opportunities

A virtual service project can be just as powerful as participating in person.  If you would like to participate, please see the available POP Virtual Service Opportunities document.

2022-2023 Outreach Calendar

For an overview of our upcoming service and fundraising initiatives, please see this attachment: Outreach Calendar 2022-2023.