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A Catholic school is more than just a school with religious symbols, texts and weekly Mass attendance. In a truly Catholic school, spiritual growth is an integral part of all instruction. Whether in math, social studies or English/Language Arts, Catholic ideals permeate student instruction. Instruction in the Catholic faith would not be complete without teaching our students to live that faith in their everyday lives. Students and staff put Catholic teaching into practice through projects which encourage students to examine and implement Catholic social teaching. Educators strive to use classroom management techniques which embody Gospel values and model those values to students.

Additionally, the development of the Catholic faith is present in daily religion classes, participation in the weekly liturgy, and in preparation of the sacraments of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.

Other opportunities for formation include:

  • Students begin each day with prayer.
  • Students attend Focus Circles after Mass. In their small group, students are asked to reflect, discuss, or engage in activities based off the virtue of the month.
  • Our 5th and 6th graders attend The Pines Catholic Camp.
  • Our younger students are paired with older students (appropriately named Prayer Partners) during Mass and for other community building events throughout the year.
  • Students pray for their vocations using prayers crafted for their appropriate reading level. Read more about the Vocational Chalice Program here.
  • Students attend Mass on Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Our younger students reenact the Living Stations of the Cross for the entire community.
  • Our students prepare special Easter and Advent programs for the community.
  • We come together as a community to celebrate Feast Days.
  • Every month, we pray the Rosary together.
  • Students serve the community and give back on a monthly basis.
  • Virtuoso Awards are presented quarterly to students exemplifying Gospel faith and values through their behavior in and out of the classroom.
  • In January, we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Last year, we were blessed to have Tony Melendez perform a beautifully moving concert for our community. Our 2nd and 8th graders came together to guide us in a Living Rosary. 
  • We are proud to host the Most Reverend Tom Cloherty Scholars Religion Bowl. Last year, representatives from 28 schools in the diocese joined us for the annual event.