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The Prince of Peace Catholic School Athletic Program exists for the sole benefit of the children and/or students who participate. The focus is a Christ-centered program open to the whole community for children and for school students enrolled in the fifth through (and including) eighth grades at Prince of Peace Catholic School. All students have the opportunity to participate, focusing on team unity, sportsmanship, skills' development and fun. The goal of the athletics program is to develop the whole athlete. It is the goal of this program to assist in developing bodies, minds and spiritual beings into strong and contributing members of our society and our Church. Our program teaches our athletes to strive for personal bests and to maximize their contribution and sense of commitment to their team. Teaching the importance of winning vs. losing and how to handle either outcome are secondary goals. Students who participate in athletics need to have a sense of personal accomplishment, fun and the satisfaction one feels in contributing to a team effort. 

The athletic department of a parochial school system should be a vital, contributing part of the total education system. It should be a working laboratory, where skills of being a team should be experienced. It is not a “minor league” for college or professional athletics, but rather an educational arm for helping to develop our students into the best citizens of our community that they can be. 

The most important purpose or goal of the athletic department should be to develop young men and women, through competitive athletics, to develop their bodies, minds and spiritual beings into a strong, contributing members of the society and Church in which we live. We can do this only if we teach these young men and women to give their best and not be concerned solely with winning and losing. 

“An athletic contest is a classroom away from school. The same rules are applicable to success, desire, integrity and perseverance. These are ingredients that are needed in a commitment to excellence philosophy.”

Prince of Peace Athletic Manual

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