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Click Here to Pay Tuition Online-FACTS 

Prince of Peace Catholic School expects that all families who have a child or children enrolled in the school will pay tuition and fees promptly when due. Failure to pay tuition and fees when due impairs the ability of the School to provide quality education for all students. Please refer to the tuition policy in the School Handbook for further information.

Annual Tuition Payment
Families may elect to pay tuition for an upcoming school year in one installment. Tuition payment for families electing the Annual Payment option is due on April 1 for the school year beginning in August. The school will issue a courtesy invoice in early March advising of the date and amount due.

For tuition infomation for the current year, please click here: 2019 - 2020 Tuition & Fees

Monthly Tuition Payment
Families may elect to pay tuition for a school year in twelve (12) monthly installments commencing in May of each year. The school has engaged Facts Management Services as its third-party tuition billing service. Monthly Tuition Payments will be accepted only through Facts Management. Each family will be provided with enrollment materials from Facts Management with their registration package. It is the family’s responsibility to enroll in the Facts Management Tuition Payment Program.

The tuition amounts you are being asked to pay do not reflect the full cost of educating your children. The actual tuition amount per child is $9,375. If your situation allows, please consider donating to the school's Annual Fund Campaign. It helps bridge the gap between the actual costs of education per child and the tuition reflected. The Annual Fund Campaign kicks-off in the fall. Donations are accepted at any time during the year.  Commitments made in the fall are asked to be paid in full by the end of January.

Stewardship Responsibilities to Prince of Peace Catholic Community
Prince of Peace Catholic School is a ministry of Prince of Peace Catholic Community. Since the Community provides a significant portion of the expense of operating the School, parents are expected to participate in the Community stewardship program in order to qualify for the Parishioner Tuition Rate. Participation is understood to mean that (i) at least one of the parents is an active Roman Catholic; (ii) that they are registered in the Community; (iii) that they have filled out and signed a current stewardship pledge card; and (iv) that their contribution for the calendar year ending prior to registration be at least $800. Non-parishioner tuition rates will be assessed at the time of registration to those families that do not meet the above requirements.

Enrollment Contract
All families must sign an enrollment contract that guarantees the family will be responsible for the full payment of tuition for the academic year.

Following the terms of the Enrollment Contract, refunds will be made only in accordance with the stated guidelines