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Security Policies for Volunteers

To ensure the safety and well-being of the students of Prince of Peace Catholic School, all volunteers and coordinators must complete the Safe Environment paperwork and training as stipulated by the Diocesan security requirements. In addition, all persons volunteering at Prince of Peace Catholic School are required to have clearance from an individual security background check prior to volunteering in any capacity. No person may volunteer unless and until they have been notified by the POP School Office of clearance through this procedure.

All persons volunteering at Prince of Peace Catholic School must have documented proof of their completion of a Diocesan approved Safe Environment training class annually. Volunteers who have previously completed the Safe Environment requirements must complete the Wraparound Bullying training for your re-certification. 

Once you have completed your Safe Environment training, please email your certificate to Ms. Coughlin for final clearance. For those completing the Wraparound Bullying training for your re-certification, a certificate will be signed at the end of your session and given to Ms. Coughlin. For complete details regarding policies and requirements, please contact Ms. Betty Coughlin via email or phone, 972.380.5505, extension 143.

New Volunteers

If you have not been cleared as a volunteer by a parish of the Dallas Diocese, please begin the process by clicking here: New Volunteer

Previously Cleared Volunteers

All cleared volunteers must update their status annually. Please click here for more information: Previously Cleared Volunteers

Disqualifying Offenses

No person may serve with minors and vulnerable adults if he or she has ever been convicted of any disqualifying offense, been on probation or received deferred adjudication for any disqualifying offense, or has presently pending any criminal charges for any disqualifying offense until a determination of guilt or innocence is made, including any person who is presently on deferred adjudication. 

Disqualifying offenses are: 

 1. A felony or misdemeanor classified as an Offense against the Person or Family or involves an offense against the person or family. 

Examples: Offenses against a person include, but are not limited to, murder, assault, sexual assault, and abandoning or endangering a child or vulnerable adult. Offenses against the family include, but are not limited to bigamy, incest, and interference with child custody, enticing a child, and harboring a runaway child. 

2. A felony or misdemeanor classified as an Offense against Public Order, Safety, or Decency. 

Examples: Offenses against public order or decency include, but are not limited to prostitution, obscenity, sexual performance by a child, possession or promotion of child pornography, and disorderly conduct. 

3. A felony violation of any law intended to control the possession or distribution of any substance included as a controlled substance in the Texas Controlled Substance Act. 

4. A felony or misdemeanor classified as an Offense against Property, to the extent that those offenses are related to threats or risk of harm or violence.

Examples: Offenses against property include Robbery, Burglary of a Habitation, and Arson. Other offenses, such as theft by check, or fraud would not ordinarily be considered Disqualifying Offenses.