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Counseling Services


At Prince of Peace Catholic School, our counseling department is here to support the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of our students.  When working as a team with parents, teachers, and students, we can determine the best plan for the child. For more information, please contact Mr. Scott Ripberger

Additionally, teachers, parents, and students can make a counseling request by filling out the Counseling Request Form.  If this is an emergency, please call the counseling office directly at (972) 380-5505.


Academic Support Services


STAR Center

The Star Center is a multipurpose resource lab that provides additional services to help meet the needs of certain students in our school population. Accommodations are included in a student’s plan if a diagnosis of a learning difference exists. For more information, please contact Mrs. Maureen Bowling, Director of the STAR Center.

Math Instructional Support

Our math specialist assists students and teachers during math instructional time and also provides one on one and small group support/tutoring in the Math Lab.  Students do not have to be diagnosed to receive math help. For more information, please contact Mrs. Andrea Bergener, Math Specialist.

Dyslexia Therapy

Students with a diagnosis of dyslexia have the opportunity to receive intervention at school.  Our Certified Academic Language Therapist provides instruction using the Take Flight program developed by Scottish Rite Hospital.  Take Flight addresses the five components of effective reading instruction as identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. For more information, please contact either Mrs. Katie Chandler, M.Ed., CALT, or Mrs. Blair Marchiony, M.Ed.

Gifted and Talented Program

QUEST is the gifted and talented pull-out program at Prince of Peace Catholic School. It exists to provide identified students in grades 3-7 with a challenging and creative learning experience. Students in the QUEST program will participate in stimulating activities that help to foster critical thinking in an authentic learning environment.  Within this environment, students will use 21st century learning skills to develop and create projects independently, as well as through collaboration with their peers.  Students will progress through increased levels of independence. Each student will have the opportunity to expand and develop their intellectual and/ or creative needs and work towards becoming a self-directed learner. The social and emotional growth of each child will also be central to the curriculum of the program.  The QUEST program provides opportunities for excellence, creativity, leadership, and the improvement of self-esteem through the development of higher-level thinking skills. For more information, please contact Mrs. Emily Frasco.