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Notes from the Nurse:
  • If your child has an allergy or asthma that requires medication, please print and return the Allergy Action Plan and/or the Asthma Action Plan. 
  • If your child requires and Epi pen, please submit an Allergy Action Plan and a Medication Permit Form. Epi pens should be in their original box and the prescription label should be visible.
  • If your child requires an inhaler or nebulizer treatments, please print and return the Asthma Action Plan and the Medication Permit Form. 
  • The action plans and permit forms require signatures from a parent and a physician.
  • All medication should be in the original box with a visible prescription label. 
  • We are unable to administer medication to your child until the appropriate forms are completed and returned.



Allergy Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Medication Permit Form

Sports Medical Form

**Forms are only valid for the current school year.