POP Safety Patrol

Prince of Peace Student Safety Patrol

The POP Safety Patrol Program is an excellent opportunity for the students to be daily examples of the virtues in action. Students in this program are 5th and 6th grade student volunteers and this is a way to let students see the importance of serving another. Students who join are signing up to serve on Safety Patrol at either the St. James, Cana Center or CLC morning carpools. 

Safety is extremely important. There will be safety parameters and guidelines in place for each carpool location. The students will not be alone at any location.

We have a few simple expectations for each POP Safety Patrol Member: 
  1. Always follow safety guidelines and procedures.
  2. Be on time to carpool and return to class promptly when dismissed.
  3. Always be courteous & helpful to students and parents. Greet both when opening doors and assist when needed.
  4. Be in control of your body and actions at all times. By signing up you realize you are a role model and you will respond accordingly.

For more information or questions about POP Safety Patrol, please contact Mr. Ripberger.

POP Safety Patrol Members,
Please find your scheduled time below. During rain or storms at carpool time, Students will not be on patrol.

Safety Patrol

St James Cana CLC

17th - 21st J.M. Dilley A. Adams E. Barber

K. Bonneau M. McDowell K. Lam

L. Stransky M. Cleary A. Sickler

24th - 28th J. Koonce G. Aldrey E. Noyes

C. Schacherer Br. Aldrine A. Abraham

R. Upton E. Diaz Bl. Aldrine

31st - Nov. 4th H. Fitch C. Hill A. Gass

A. Haker T. Tackett C. Power

P. Lassek P. Payne A. Welter


7th - 11th D. Anderson C. Blank Z. Downum

S. Dobry Ma. Davis G. Carpenter

C. Brown K. Bergstedt Mo. Davis

14th - 18th G. Tucci A. Ghisoli A. Tucci

J. Gallegos B. Gibson V. Gonzalez

E. Forsthoffer C. Hawkins G. Hanna

28th - Dec 2nd C. Tinker C. Thornton K. Thornton

R. Jowid M. Hazzard C. Kleinenbroich

A. Kouyoumjian A. Kershaw A. Lopez-Balderas


5th - 9th J. Lehman A. Singireddy L. Payne

V. Sibal C. Nolan D. Moon

O.Morales A. Martel T. Tackett

12th - 16th A. Welter A. Gass R. Upton

E. Barber K. Bonneau A. Adams

C. Power A. Sickler L. Stransky


9th - 13th P. Payne E. Noyes C. Schacherer

M. Cleary K. Lam M. McDowell

C. Hill J. Koonce H. Fitch

16th - 20th A. Abraham P. Lassek D. Anderson

G. Aldrey A. Haker K. Bergstedt

Br. Aldrine Bl. Aldrine C. Tinker

23rd-27th G. Carpenter C. Brown C. Blank

Z. Downum Mo. Davis C. Nolan

B. Gibson E. Forsthoffer Ma. Davis

30th - Feb. 3rd A. Ghisoli J. Gallegos E. Diaz

G. Hanna V. Gonzalez S. Dobry

C. Hawkins R. Jowid M. Hazzard


6th - 10th A. Lopez-Balderas C. Kleinenbroich A. Kershaw

A. Martel J. Lehman A. Kouyoumjian

D. Moon L. Payne O. Morales

13th - 17th C. Thornton K. Thornton G. Tucci

A. Singireddy A. Tucci V. Sibal

20th - 24th E. Noyes E. Barber A. Haker

A. Sickler H. Fitch C. Hill

T. Tackett C. Schacherer M. Cleary

27th - March 3rd A. Gass C. Power P. Lassek

M. McDowell A. Welter J. Koonce


6th - 10th A. Adams R. Upton K. Bonneau

K. Lam L. Stransky P. Payne

20th - 24th Bl. Aldrine A. Abraham G. Aldrey

K. Bergstedt D. Anderson Br. Aldrine

C. Blank G. Carpenter A. Ghisoli

27th - 31st Ma. Davis S. Dobry C. Brown

Mo. Davis G. Hanna E. Forsthoffer

E. Diaz V. Sibal J. Gallegos


3rd - 7th V. Gonzalez Z. Downum B. Gibson

M. Hazzard A. Kouyoumjian A. Martel

C. Kleinenbroich D. Moon J. Lehman

10th - 14th A. Kershaw A. Lopez-Balderas C. Hawkins

K. Thornton O. Morales R. Jowid

L. Payne C. Tinker C. Thornton

17th - 21st C. Nolan J.M. Dilley A. Singireddy

A. Tucci A. Adams G. Tuci

R. Upton C. Power E. Barber

24th -28th K. Bonneau M. Cleary H. Fitch

A. Haker J. Koonce M. McDowell

C. Hill K. Lam P. Lassek


1st -5th C. Schacherer P. Payne E. Noyes

L. Stransky T. Tackett A. Sickler

A. Welter
A. Gass

8th - 12th A. Abraham C. Brown A. Kershaw

J. Gallegos G. Aldrey D. Moon

R. Jowid E. Diaz K. Bergstedt

15th - 19th S. Dobry M. Hazzard C. Kleinenbroich

E. Forsthoffer G. Tucci C. Blank

C. Hawkins A. Ghisoli A. Tucci

22nd - 26th J. Lehman C. Nolan V. Gonzalez

A. Martel C. Thornton K. Thornton

G. Hanna Mo. Davis Ma. Davis


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