Childrens Learning Center (CLC)

Where children are valued 

for their ability to play, 

for their wonder and curiosity, 

for their perspectives, 

and for their potential. 


Where families are valued 

for their traditions, 

for their commitment to God, home, and community, 

and for their dreams for their children. 


Where faculty members are valued 

for their vision, 

for their delight in children, 

and for their skill, knowledge, and heart. 


The Children’s Learning Center at Prince of Peace Catholic School follows the goals and objectives set forth by The Diocese of Dallas. This is our Preschool for children ages 3-5. The Diocesan Preschool Curriculum contains and extends the Essential Elements of the Texas Education Agency. 


Main components of our program:


RELIGION - As Catholic school educators, we infuse Gospel values into every area of our curriculum. Children participate in prayer & religion lessons daily and are encouraged to actively celebrate their faith. In addition, we attend Worship Celebrations monthly in the Sanctuary. 


LITERACY - We will provide learning experiences and an environment that foster increased vocabulary and oral language skills. Additionally, the students work on phonological awareness, or the ability to hear and understand the different sounds of the spoken language. Yes, your child will also be exposed to the more conventional components of literacy: knowledge of print, letters and words, comprehension skills. We also focus on ENJOYMENT of literacy experiences, as children who are read to, become children who are readers! 


All of our preschoolers visit the school’s Media Center/Library regularly. 5K students are allowed to check out books. 


MATHEMATICS - Our teachers use multiple opportunities throughout the day to help your child build competence in math. Developing number concepts such as rote counting & one-to-one correspondence are usually the earliest skills to develop. Patterns and relationships are also important and set the foundation for geometry and spatial sense. Finally, teachers focus on measurement and data collection, both of which are equally useful in our next content area. 


SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES - Learning about the world around us is what being a preschooler is all about! We offer hands -on experiences that help your child to gain knowledge and understanding of physical science (5 senses, cause & effect, changes in matter), life science (living things, their needs, and their habitats), and earth science (the natural world). Additionally, we learn about people in our community and around the world. We explore present-day traditions and customs, as well as those from the past.



3K and 4K students attend one to two 30-minute Music class(es) each week, 5K students attend twice weekly. This class introduces basic concepts and cultivates an appreciation of music. 

In addition to daily outdoor time, our preschoolers participate in a Physical Education program. 3K & 4K students attend one to two 30-minute lesson(s) per week, 5K students attend four lessons per week. 


The 3K and 4K classrooms each have two computers for student use. 5K students benefit from weekly use of the school’s Computer Lab. 

Frequenlty asked questions:

Student/teacher ratio? 


3K Classes have up to 14 students per room with 2 teachers devoted to each class. 


4K Classes have up 18 students per room with 2 teachers devoted to each class. 


The 5K class has up to 20 students with 2 full time teachers in the classroom.
-Designed for children who turn five years-old just before or just after the September 1 cut-off, and those who are not yet ready to begin kindergarten
-Follows a kindergarten curriculum, but at a modified pace
-Prepares students to enter kindergarten the following year 


What else do I need to know? 


UNIFORMS - 3K,4K & 5K children are required to wear the Prince of Peace school uniform. 


HEALTH MATTERS - Your child must be up to date on all required immunizations before the first day of school. 


LUNCHES - You may participate in the school’s Hot Lunch Program, or pack a lunch from home. It’s your choice! 


VOLUNTEERING-Parents may volunteer in all the classrooms. There are a multitude of opportunities to help in the pre-school classrooms and on school-wide activities. Please note: All volunteers must complete a Safe Environment Training course and a background check before volunteering.  


What days will my child attend? 


3K children are here from 8:00-3:00 on Monday – Friday. 


4K children are here from 8:00-3:00 on Monday – Friday. 


5K children are here from 8:00-3:00 on Monday – Friday.


The school offers an Extended Day Program daily from 3:00-6:00. 


When can I apply for admission?


Admissions applications for the CLC are available online or at the school office. We require an application for admissions, health history, record of immunizations, teacher recommendation (if applicable) and a release of records from previous schools (if applicable).  You will be notified of your admission in writing in mid-March. 


Parishioners of Prince of Peace Catholic Community will have priority enrollment status, as will siblings of currently enrolled students. 


We do maintain an active waiting list and will fill openings throughout the school year. Our waiting list does not continue from one year to the next. 

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